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Industrial style leads the way for younger homeowners
Homeowners aged between 25 and 34 are six times more likely to covet an industrial-style kitchen than those aged 54 and over. The younger age group is also more likely to choose industrial features, such as exposed brick, metro tiles and reclaimed wood. The majority of kitchen projects, however, gravitate towards a contemporary style, with 33% of all customers opting for this kitchen look.

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We still love...

to gather round the table Despite open-plan designs and flashy gadgets, dining or kitchen tables have never really gone out of style. Whether humble or elegant, 42% of us still choose to incorporate a table into our kitchen scheme. 

We share a love.

of organisation 68% of us prioritise our kitchen’s storage capacity above all other aspects. 34% of us are opting for a walk-in pantry or pantry cupboard.
However, the vast majority of us have our sights set on the utmost practicality, with 63% of us choosing organised utility facilities and cutlery drawers as our top organisational features.


we think gadgets in general are great
Many homeowners are planning to upgrade their kitchen with some handy new gadgets. 18% of us are planning to integrate a boiling-water tap, while 17% of us are revamping with brand-new coffee machines or espresso makers. UK and Irish homeowners, it seems, are taking their love of hot drinks to new, shiny levels.

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