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About us and the way we work

Reigate Kitchen Company is an independent supplier of thoughtfully designed fitted kitchens and bedrooms in Reigate, Surrey and the surrounding area.  We offer a comprehensive service ranging from design only to complete project management.  Our small experienced team have been working in the kitchen and bedroom industry for over 20 years and recognise the importance of delivering effective kitchens and bedrooms.

Kitchens are the heart of every home and therefore should be considered and planned with great care.  We take the time to consider the individual needs of our clients as every kitchen is unique to its residents, whether it is a highly practical space for a busy chef or a room that needs to feature the latest in kitchen technology, the depth of our range can accommodate many types of kitchen dweller!

We love to design and use the latest in computer aided design to create your ideal kitchen, our software produces accurate 3D realistic images as well as functional plans.  During the planning stages this tool is invaluable as it brings things to life on the screen so you know exactly what to expect when it comes to installation day.  

Reigate Kitchen Company is proud to offer high quality kitchens that feature the industry’s most respected manufacturers and fabricators like, Blum, Egger, Silestone, Neff, Siemens, Bosch, Kessebohmer and many more.  Kitchens are only as good as their installation so our installers take great care to ensure that a high quality service is sustained throughout this process,  Every kitchen will be inspected by the business owner personally before signing off as a successful project

Contact us today to book an appointment and we look forward to meeting you.  

Delivering a successful kitchen project takes time and careful planning, we understand that more time spent at this stage will mean greater results.

Computer aided design...

Once we have an accurate set of dimensions to work with its time to start bringing things to life.  We use the latest in CAD software to create realistic high quality 3D renders of your ideal kitchen.  Our software also enables us to create vital scale drawings for builders, electricians and plumbers to work from.  It also provides us with a detailed itemised component list so there is absolute transparency about where your investment in the project lies.


Much more that just a pretty picture!

Design consultation...

Let's Discover. We have two options at this stage of the process.  If you have engaged the services of an architect then we simply need to arrange a meeting to sit and discuss through the options that the space can provide.  Alternatively we can come direct to the site concerned and take a copy of our own measurements in order to create a room outline.  During this on site consultation its a good opportunity to get a feel for the kind of kitchen that the space will require.  As there are many components that make a kitchen work the initial consultation allows us to cover everything from appliances to kitchen work surface material.

We don't just sell...

we do more.  Reigate kitchen company offers a comprehensive project management service. 


We can liaise with architects at the initial planning stages and when it comes to taking your plans from the screen to installation, we can appoint and manage all the trades that will be required to take your project to a successful completion. 


Our experienced installation team have over 20 years of service and pride themselves on a high quality finish.....

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